The Ketchup Shortage

Condiments, sauces, and spices significantly impact the flavor profile of a meal. But, with recent issues in the supply chain, restaurants are facing a ketchup shortage. This requires ketchup manufacturers to increase production while the cost of the condiment rises across the board. Voice of B2B, Daniel Litwin, talked with Dr. Bryan Le, Food Scientist and Food Industry Consultant, and Author of 150 Food Science Questions Answered on Marketscale TV, about ketchup and vanilla supply chain shortages. They also talked about how this impacts the flavor of a restaurant’s food.

Plant Perks

I am consulting with Plant Perks, a brand of plant-based cashew "cheeze" spreads based in Missoula, Montana. Founded by Tiffany Perkins in 2017, Plant Perks is a woman-owned, family-run food brand on a mission to reduce the consumption of animal products and our collective impact on the environment. Plant Perks handcrafts their probiotic-rich spreads using cashews as the main ingredient as a gluten-free, non-GMO, healthy alternative to cheese. I am currently supporting their R&D and food safety efforts to ensure their spreads are created with the best ingredients, processes, and food technology available.


I am working with TurtleTree on their ongoing scientific content, a woman-led, Singaporean venture-backed startup company developing a pipeline of human milk using cellular agriculture. Founded in 2019, Turtletree's mission is to provide sustainable, accessible, high-quality ingredients for infant and adult nutrition products. TurtleTree Labs recently raised $6.2 million in a pre-seed Series A funding round that included Green Monday Ventures and KBW Ventures. TurtleTree has also partnered with the US biotech company Dyadic International to produce the low-cost, food-grade growth hormones needed as feedstocks for the growing cellular agriculture industry.


Nanalyze is a boutique investment media platform that educates and informs investors about disruptive technologies in the startup ecosystem. Their platform is focused on emerging technologies as investment opportunities that are changing how we live, work, heal, and eat. I work with their editor to contribute high-quality, well-researched articles regarding the startup ecosystem in the medical, biotechnology, and cannabis technology spaces. My contribution is to provide in-depth technical knowledge and research, evaluating whether or not a technology is a long-term investment that's truly disruptive or just part of the startup marketing churn. My articles on Nanalyze have been shared over 2,000 times through LinkedIn and Facebook.


ZoomEssence is a startup flavor company that's developing a game-changing, patented ambient temperature process to produce rich, authentic flavors for the food industry. I worked with their creative director, Lori Smith, to build their marketing persona and provided valuable insights regarding the habits, culture, and values of their target customer. I reviewed written content for their forthcoming website revamp and worked on developing their community projects, educational outreach, and social media.

Science Meets Food

Science Meets Food is the award-winning blog of the Institute of Food Technologists Student Association that receives over 22,000 unique readers per month. As the VP of Digital and Social Media, I managed the content pipeline for the blog and associated social media pages. During my term, I improved the website interface and oversaw the production of over 50 in-depth food technology articles, increasing readership by 150,000 views. I also managed the growth of their Facebook and Instagram accounts to over 6,600 and 1,200 followers, respectively, and coordinated the release of viral social media content with a landslide reach of over 14,000 people in a single post.

Bryan Le is our secret weapon, a voice of reason, and an awesome collaboration partner.

Lori Smith | Creative Director | ZoomEssence

[Bryan] is very knowledgeable, extremely quick to reply, has a quick grasp of what you, as a non-scientist, are exactly looking for and delivers in a timely and correct manner.

Jessica Roozen | Business Development Director | Selayia Investment

It is rare to find someone who can communicate complex scientific ideas to a general audience, and Bryan does that with impressive ease.

Ramya Sriram | Digital Content Marketer | Kolabtree

Bryan was excellent to work with - he was very self-driven, creative in coming up with ideas, and prompt with deadlines.

Nathan Pratt, Ph.D., R.D. | Nutrition Scientist and Strategic Content Manager | Kerry Health & Nutrition Institute

Bryan's penchant and ability to seamlessly weave technical details into a gripping story that always keeps the reader asking for more has always impressed me.

Amanda Sia | R&D Food Scientist | PepsiCo

Bryan was always prompt, and met or exceeded every deadline I gave to him, along with displaying excellent team work and collaborative spirit.

Meredith Myers | Product Development Scientist | Ocean Spray Cranberries

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