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I'm offering research insights on the science of savory taste and flavor through Science Says, a startup platform backed by venture capital firm Antler to share evidence-based scientific knowledge. Every week, I'll be scouring through the research literature to discover nuggets of scientific wisdom that'll help food industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and culinary amateurs to rationally design their food creations. I'll be bringing together all these insights into webinars and courses where I discuss how to use these concepts in actual food product and recipe development. I’ll also be available to answer any questions about food science and technology.


Under the username UpSaltOS, I serve as the moderator for /r/FoodScience, a 16K+ member subreddit community on Reddit devoted to helping students and professionals access educational opportunities, new knowledge, and career development programs. I often provide advice, connections, and research-backed insights to the members of /r/FoodScience and other allied subreddit forums. I have also conducted two highly successful Ask Me Anything-style interviews on the platform, which have both garnered hundreds of comments and fruitful discussions on the science of food.

Science Meets Food

Science Meets Food is the award-winning blog of the Institute of Food Technologists Student Association that receives over 22,000 unique readers per month. As the VP of Digital and Social Media, I managed the content pipeline for the blog and associated social media pages. During my term, I improved the website interface and oversaw the production of over 50 in-depth food technology articles, increasing readership by 150,000 views. I also managed the growth of their Facebook and Instagram accounts to over 6,600 and 1,200 followers, respectively, and coordinated the release of viral social media content with a landslide reach of over 14,000 people in a single post.

Food Consultants Group

I am a professional member of the Food Consultants Group. The organization was founded in 1989 by key food industry consultants as a forum to bring together consultants to share ideas, trends, and areas of expertise. Today, it is the largest alliance of food industry experts of its kind in the country, boasting a core membership of over 75 high-caliber consultants. By tapping into an individual or team of outside consultants, food companies can both save money and leverage a wealth of industry experience through the Food Consultants Group without the costly overhead of having expert R&D professionals as employees.

Ronin Institute

I am a Research Scholar at the Ronin Institute of Independent Scholarship. The mission of the Ronin Institute is to provide an academic home for those interested in pursuing research in a way that is consistent with their life priorities. The organization is reinventing academia, but without the academy. The Ronin Institute is creating a new model for scholarly research that recognizes that the world outside of traditional academia is filled with smart, educated, passionate people who have a lot to offer to the world of scholarship. The aim is to transform the way that scholarly research is coordinated and funded. Ultimately, anyone who is interested in pursuing high-quality scholarly research should be able to do so.

I am a part of the network where I provide expert consulting in the field of food science and technology for businesses, insurance companies, and investment groups. Since 1994, was established to allow professionals a platform to showcase their areas of expertise. They have provided millions of users worldwide access to specialized knowledge. As one of the nation's most established and premier Internet registries, serves as a "who's who" of experts at the top of their respective fields. The registry has been a resource to attorneys, businesses, reporters, insurance companies, judges, librarians, the media, and countless others.


I am currently a Highly Rated Expert on Kolabtree, a platform for hiring freelance scientists and industry experts with over 20,000 members. With 5.0 star reviews from 13 clients, I have successfully executed numerous consulting projects for the food industry. I offer writing services as a technical writer for the food, biotech, and cannabis industries as well as strategic knowledge of flavors, ingredients, processing, formulation, and food safety. Additionally, I have worked with clients to develop new technologies and am in the process of patenting several formulations and processes in the food and agriculture space in partnership with my clients.

His food science knowledge, problem-solving abilities and project management skills are out of this world and I can't recommend Bryan enough.

Tiffany Perkins | Founder, Chef, and CEO | Plant Perks

Bryan is a great collaborator and problem solver, who is driven by helping others.

Andrew Butler | Co-founder | Master Grower

Bryan Le is our secret weapon, a voice of reason, and an awesome collaboration partner.

Lori Smith | Creative Director | ZoomEssence

[Bryan] is very knowledgeable, extremely quick to reply, has a quick grasp of what you, as a non-scientist, are exactly looking for and delivers in a timely and correct manner.

Jessica Roozen | Business Development Director | Selayia Investment

It is rare to find someone who can communicate complex scientific ideas to a general audience, and Bryan does that with impressive ease.

Ramya Sriram | Digital Content Marketer | Kolabtree

Bryan was excellent to work with - he was very self-driven, creative in coming up with ideas, and prompt with deadlines.

Nathan Pratt, Ph.D., R.D. | Nutrition Scientist and Strategic Content Manager | Kerry Health & Nutrition Institute

Bryan's penchant and ability to seamlessly weave technical details into a gripping story that always keeps the reader asking for more has always impressed me.

Amanda Sia | R&D Food Scientist | PepsiCo

Bryan was always prompt, and met or exceeded every deadline I gave to him, along with displaying excellent team work and collaborative spirit.

Meredith Myers | Product Development Scientist | Ocean Spray Cranberries




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