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I was interviewed for the August/September 2022 volume of Food Quality and Safety, a Wiley publication, regarding the potential impact of the forthcoming plan on food safety professionals for their Washington Report titled "USDA Aims to Transform the U.S. Food System" (pp. 11-12). I provided professional quotes regarding the USDA's $2 billion plan to revamp the United States food system. Food Quality & Safety was the winner of the 2018 National Print Award and 2019 Awards for Publication Excellence (APEX).

Ronin Institute

I am a Research Scholar at the Ronin Institute of Independent Scholarship. The mission of the Ronin Institute is to provide an academic home for those interested in pursuing research in a way that is consistent with their life priorities. The organization is reinventing academia, but without the academy. The Ronin Institute is creating a new model for scholarly research that recognizes that the world outside of traditional academia is filled with smart, educated, passionate people who have a lot to offer to the world of scholarship. The aim is to transform the way that scholarly research is coordinated and funded.


I am currently a Highly Rated Expert on Kolabtree, a platform for hiring freelance scientists and industry experts with over 20,000 members. With 5.0 star reviews from 13 clients, I have successfully executed numerous consulting projects for the food industry. I offer writing services as a technical writer for the food, biotech, and cannabis industries as well as strategic knowledge of flavors, ingredients, processing, formulation, and food safety. Additionally, I have worked with clients to develop new technologies and am in the process of patenting several working formulations.

Bryan is a wellspring of valuable technical information and insights. To boot, he's a delight to interact with, always warm, thoughtful, and professional.

Seth O'Malley | Founding Distiller | Wilderton

Dr. Bryan Quoc Le...has been a valuable source of information about any hard-to-solve chemistry problems. Not only has he provided a lot of beneficial resources, but has also offered practical solutions based on his expertise.

Maryam Baniasadi, Ph.D. | Senior Food Scientist | Black Sheep Foods

Words cannot describe what a lifesaver Bryan has been for my food business! His food science knowledge, problem-solving abilities and project management skills are out of this world and I can't recommend Bryan enough.

Tiffany Perkins | Founder, Chef, and CEO | Plant Perks

Bryan Le is our secret weapon, a voice of reason, and an awesome collaboration partner.

Lori Smith | Creative Director | ZoomEssence

Bryan is full of knowledge and expertise, and it has been an amazing experience to develop a number of patents together. Bryan is a great collaborator and problem solver, who is driven by helping others.

Andrew Butler | Co-founder | Master Grower

[Bryan] is very knowledgeable, extremely quick to reply, has a quick grasp of what you, as a non-scientist, are exactly looking for and delivers in a timely and correct manner. Please consider Bryan if you are looking for a solid scientist partner to help you advance your projects in an efficient way.

Jessica Roozen | Business Development Director | Selayia Investment

Bryan's writing is engaging, well-researched and reflects his passion for his subject. It is rare to find someone who can communicate complex scientific ideas to a general audience, and Bryan does that with impressive ease.

Ramya Sriram | Digital Content Marketer | Kolabtree

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