ZoomEssence is a startup flavor company that's developing a game-changing, patented ambient temperature process to produce rich, authentic flavors for the food industry. I worked with their creative director to create their marketing persona and provided valuable insights regarding the habits, culture, and values of their target customer. I reviewed written content for their forthcoming website revamp and worked on developing their community projects, educational outreach, and social media.

Science Meets Food

Science Meets Food is the award-winning blog of the Institute of Food Technologists Student Association that receives over 22,000 unique readers per month. As the VP of Digital and Social Media, I managed the content pipeline for the blog and associated social media pages. During my term, I improved the website interface and oversaw the production of over 50 in-depth food technology articles, increasing readership by 150,000 views. I also managed the growth of their Facebook and Instagram accounts to over 6,600 and 1,200 followers, respectively, and coordinated the release of viral social media content with a landslide reach of over 14,000 people in a single post.

Where Do Fibers Come From and What’s Their Role in Food and Health?

I contributed a well-researched article on the health and functional properties of fibers in food to the Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute, a branch of the Kerry Group that shares actionable insights regarding nutritional ingredients and advancements with the greater food industry. This article outlines the importance of fiber as a food ingredient in providing desirable textural properties as well as aiding in digestion and other healthful benefits.

Bryan Le is our secret weapon, a voice of reason, and an awesome collaboration partner.

Lori Smith | Creative Director | ZoomEssence

It is rare to find someone who can communicate complex scientific ideas to a general audience, and Bryan does that with impressive ease.

Ramya Sriram | Digital Content Marketer | Kolabtree

Bryan was excellent to work with - he was very self-driven, creative in coming up with ideas, and prompt with deadlines.

Nathan Pratt, Ph.D., R.D. | Nutrition Scientist and Strategic Content Manager | Kerry Health & Nutrition Institute

Bryan's penchant and ability to seamlessly weave technical details into a gripping story that always keeps the reader asking for more has always impressed me.

Amanda Sia | R&D Food Scientist | PepsiCo

Bryan was always prompt, and met or exceeded every deadline I gave to him, along with displaying excellent team work and collaborative spirit.

Meredith Myers | Product Development Scientist | Ocean Spray Cranberries

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