ZoomEssence is a startup flavor company that's developing a patented ambient temperature process to produce rich, authentic flavors for the food industry. I worked with their creative director to create their marketing persona and provided valuable insights regarding the habits, culture, and values of their target customer. I produced and revised written content for their forthcoming website revamp. In partnership with organic marketing agency grouphugs, I also wrote scripted material for their YouTube video series.

Science Meets Food

Science Meets Food is the award-winning blog of the Institute of Food Technologists Student Association that receives over 22,000 unique readers per month. As the VP of Digital and Social Media, I managed the content pipeline for the blog and associated social media pages. During my term, I improved the website interface and oversaw the production of over 50 in-depth food technology articles, increasing readership by 150,000 views. I also managed the growth of their Facebook and Instagram accounts to over 6,600 and 1,200 followers, respectively, and coordinated the release of two viral social media posts.

Where Do Fibers Come From and What’s Their Role in Food and Health?

I contributed a well-researched article on the health and functional properties of fibers in food to the Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute, a branch of the Kerry Group that shares actionable insights regarding nutritional ingredients and advancements with the greater food industry. This article outlines the importance of fiber as a food ingredient in providing desirable textural properties as well as aiding in digestion and other healthful benefits.

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